The Scarlet Cord, performed by Ballet Magnificat! Omega

Please join us  at the Hanford Civic Auditorium 7:00pm

September 17th

Free Admission

Suggested Donation of $10

Gift offering will be taken during the performance

Master Classes

Taught by Ballet Magnificat! company members at Bethel Ballet Academy


Technique, Contemporary, Jazz

For information  including schedule and pricing please email the office.


We need community sponsors to help with this performance. All contributions will be tax-deductible. Please consider partnering with BBA and Lighthouse Community Church to bring this ministry to Hanford!

The Scarlet Cord

is a timely piece for today’s audience. The Scarlet Cord depicts an incredible drama of two missionaries not willing to compromise their faith in Jesus Christ. They live and minister in the midst of one of the cruelest regimes the world hasever known, the communist Soviet Union. The main character, Rahab, learns a hard lesson when she is abandoned by her beloved Soviet regime.The two missionaries share the hope of Jesus to this dejected woman and a moving story of a revolutionunfolds – a human heart turning to the ultimate truth, Jesus Christ. This production shows the Lord’s amazing plan of redemption working in the midst of unlikely places, woven through life like a scarlet cord.

Ballet Magnificat!

an arts organization dedicated to presenting the good news of Jesus Christ to the whole world and headquartered in Jackson, MS, was founded in 1986. Magnificat is Latin for "to magnify Him".  It is derived from "Mary's Song" of praise in the 1st Chapter of the Gospel of Luke when she first learned she was to be the mother of the Messiah. Our two professional touring companies (Alpha and Omega) have performed nationally and internationally, ministering to audiences in the United States as well as over 35 countries around the world.